Swedish Fraudster Cuffed In Failed Insurance Scam

Farrang Fraudster Cuffed In Failed Insurance Scam

A 35-year-old Swedish man who filed a robbery report in a bid to make a false insurance claim was arrested in Chiang Mai on Friday night.

Local police with assistance from officers from the Tourist Division found all the items Mr Keny Andres Parra Bobadilla claimed had been stolen on the floor of his rented room when they went to further question him when they became suspicious of his story.

Farrang Fraudster Cuffed In Failed Insurance Scam

Earlier the farrang fraqudster had filed a report claiming he had been robbed at knife point on Chang Klan Road the previous night at around 11pm.

He told police the mugger made off with his brown leather bag containing a mobile phone, notebook, headphones, a credit card and 25,000 in cash. He also claimed he had a ring stolen too.

After checking CCTV of the area and seeing nothing, cops knew exactly what Bobadilla was up to and together with an interpreter they went back to further question him which is when they spotted the “stolen items” on the room floor.

He was arrested and charged with various offences with a court appearance coming in the days ahead.