Swedish Guy Ripped Off By Bar Girl Living Rough On Soi Nana

Published on 24th August 2014 by Stickboy BKK
Swedish Guy Ripped Off By Bar Girl

A 45-year-old Swedish man is living rough just off Soi Nana after a bar girl allegedly conned him out of his life savings.

Lief Christer arrived in Thailand back in May with more than one million baht, hoping to settle down with a bar girl he’d met last year. After shacking up together at the Nana Condominium in Soi 4 things went sour quickly when his bank balance reached zero and before long the unnamed harlot had kicked him out with little more than his passport.

When the Swedish Embassy sent him packing following his request for a plane ticket back to his homeland, he turned to begging on the streets.

He has been helped by staff at a local pharmacy who have taken pity on him, visiting him daily with food and keeping him company as he is “depressed”.

His run of bad luck doesn’t end with being conned by a bar girl out of a million baht and living rough on the streets. Mr Christer recently underwent an operation for a urinary bladder problem and still has to use a urine catheter.

Maybe his fortunes will change now that his plight has went viral thanks to his pharmacy friends sharing his story on Pantip.com which caught the attention of Mirror Foundation’s “Patients on Streets” project.

Or maybe not, as the Bangkok Post have ran the story and their article suggests he has overstayed his visa.

And there was me thinking I was having a bad day….

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