Ten Arrested In Hua Hin Brothel Raid

Hua Hin Brothel Raided

Eight prostitutes were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning during a raid on a Hua Hin brothel by police, soldiers and local officials.

All the women, aged from 20-30-years-old, told police they worked in the sex trade of their own free will as they could net around 30,000 baht a month in earnings servicing customers.

A clerk and security guard were also arrested at the rented house close to Hua Hin railway station. This was the second raid on the property following complaints to authorities of illicit business going on. The first raid turned up blank after the owner of the brothel was tipped off in advance.

Hua Hin Brothel Raided

Hua Hin district chief Sutthipong Khlai-udom said accounting books detailing sex service payments were seized and officers found many used condoms at the knocking shop which had 10 small rooms for the women to service their clients.

The women told police the brothel had around 30 customers a night who were charged 650 baht each, of which 350 baht went to the owner. The price for an all-nighter they said was 3,500 baht per customer, with half going to the boss.

All ten were taken to Hua Hin police station to be charged for various offenses as the investigation to identify and locate the owner continued.

(Image via khaosod.co.th)