Thai Women Warn Others About Boastful Blogger Banging His Way Across Asia

david bond bathtub

An American blogger who claims to have bedded hundreds of women as he banged his way around Asia and shared the details of his sexploits online, has come under fire from hundreds of Thai women, with many demanding he is kicked out the country

Blogging under the name David Bond, the 28-year-old Californian native quit his $19 an hour hospital job in 2013, dumped his girlfriend of five years and headed across the Pacific to Japan.

With $35,000 of savings he has since visited China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand launching e-nooks teaching men “how to get laid” as he goes.

david bond vip

Now he runs numerous websites such as & that offer e-books for a few thousand baht that supposedly share secrets on how to bed Asian women and other nonsense such as “How To Spot & Avoid Thai Hookers”, “Best Clubs To Meet Hot Thai Women” & “Avoid Thailand Scams”.

Bond also fancies himself as a vlogger too and shares videos of himself out on the pull in malls and on the streets of various SE Asian countries including Thailand.

david bond blogger

In one titled “Taking Asian Girl Home From MALL to BED (55 minutes)” he meets a woman at Terminal 21 and claims to have bedded her in 55 minutes but unsurprisingly this turns out to be total bs as the video cuts off with the pair at a BTS station.

His websites and videos are clickbait aimed at selling his e-books, something Bond admitted to in a rant video uploaded this weekend after several Thai Facebook groups called him out for selling sextapes – something I don’t believe he does.

In the past month or so hundreds of Facebook posts, pictures and videos have been shared by Thai women about his devious ways in a bid to warn others not to fall for his good looks and charm as he is just using women for sex and to share their photos online to help him make money.

He has been exposed in a similar way in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

david bond exposed

Since this shitstorm hit hurricane levels this past week some of his content seems to have disappeared, such as the website being taken offline and restored several times in the past 72 hours. Several videos have also been removed from his YouTube channel that I’ve watched in recent weeks as I followed the story.

Bond is now trying to cash in on the publicity by flogging off his Thai e-book for $9 in a 24-hour sale. Its normal price is $47.

It can’t imagine this is going to end well for Mr Bond, as all it will take for him to get a knock at his door from the boys in brown is one official complaint from a Thai woman that he duped her in some way and shared a photo or video online without her permission – maybe this is the reason so much of his content has disappeared lately.