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Thailand Covid-19 Daily Update: 26th March 2020




With so much news and information related to the current Covid-19 situation, it is impossible for me to write separate articles on each piece of news coming out so from today I will publish a daily post that I will update throughout the day with key and important information.

4:55pm · 26 Mar 2020

There has been NO curfew announced. Nor has there been any lockdown announcements with people still free to travel without any official restrictions.

4:08pm · 26 Mar 2020

Express boat services on Saen Saeb canal and Chao Phraya have reversed their earlier announcement to suspend services.

All passengers must wear a face mask and practice social distancing.

1:02pm · 26 Mar 2020

Today Thailand reported 111 new Covid-19 cases, bringing the total to 1,045.

18 people have been discharged totalling 88 with a further 953 in hospital, 4 in critical conditions. Deaths remain at 4.

Via Ministry of Public Health

10:10am · 26 Mar 2020

The Nonthaburi Civic Center station on the MRT Purple Line has been closed after an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

The station has been closed for cleaning and trains will not stop.

The Nonthaburi Civic Center station on the MRT Purple Line has been closed


9:40am · 26 Mar 2020

Social Distancing has been introduced on the MRT – remember, to ride any train, inc ARL, BTS, MRT, you MUST wear a mask or you won’t be allowed to travel.

9:37am · 26 Mar 2020

Express boat services on Saen Saeb canal will be suspended from Friday 27th March until further notice.



9:20am · 26 Mar 2020

Announcement for British Nationals in Thailand

International travel is becoming more difficult and the British Embassy are working to find solutions to this. You can help – if you need to return to the UK but can’t, register with them.

Announcement for British Nationals in Thailand

Via UK in Thailand @ukinthailand

8:54am · 26 Mar 2020

90 Day Reporting, Alien’s Residing Report and Tourist Visa Extensions (30-day stamp) have been MOVED from Chaeng Wattana from today to a building in Muang Thong Thani.

Remember, you can do 90-day reporting online so there’s no need to physically go to the immigration office.

Muang Thong Thani


8:29am · 26 Mar 2020

Starting today, Thursday 26th March, the army and police will set up checkpoints at 7 locations on the outskirts of Bangkok to screen people for Covid-19 entering the city.

Those locations are:

1. Bang Na-Trat Road
2. Chaeng Watthana Road
3. Ratchaphruek Road
4. Suwinthawong Road
5. Sukhaphiban 2 Road
6. Suksawat Road
7. Rama 2 Road

8:15am · 26 Mar 2020

There is NO curfew, NO lockdown and NO travel restrictions as yet in Bangkok.

The government advice is for the following 3 groups of people to remain indoors.

People older than 70
Children younger than 5
People with pre-existing medical conditions

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Brit Who Threw His Wife Off Balcony Charged With Attempted Murder



Brit Who Threw His Wife Off 8th Floor Balcony Charged With Attempted Murder

A British man has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after he threw his wife off an 8th-floor balcony at a condo in Rayong late last month.

Immigration police chief Pol Lt-General Sompong Chingduang told reporters on Wednesday that 47-year-old Dave Marshall was apprehended at the Baron Residence Soi Ladprao 130 on a warrant issued by Rayong Provincial Court for attempted murder and detaining someone against their will.

On April 28, Marshall’s wife Ms Sukanda, 56, was found laid on a 7th-floor rooftop with a fractured hip and dislocated arm having been thrown off the balcony of a neighbouring building by her husband.

Marshall was sat topless on his balcony praying when police arrived and for two hours refused to acknowledge them before finally surrendering.

He told officers he was stressed and the argument with his wife had become heated.


At the time of the incident, no charges were pressed against the Brit as investigators waited to question his wife after she recovered from her injuries.

However, Marshall didn’t wait around for them to make a decision after speaking to his wife and fled to Bangkok where he checked into a hotel on Ratchada Soi 17 before continuously moving to hide changing locations to Pratunam, Victory Monument and Ramkhamhaeng, often dressing to hide his face in a bid to evade detection.

Brit Who Threw His Wife Off 8th Floor Balcony Charged With Attempted Murder

Brit Who Threw His Wife Off 8th Floor Balcony Charged With Attempted Murder

His tactics to avoid capture failed and he was tracked down to the Baron Residence where he was arrested and taken into custody.

Marshall admitted assaulting his wife, who also alleges she was held against her will for several days at the Ban Chang Cliff Beach Condotel in Rayong, but claims he had been deceived when she dumped him for a new man after he transferred all his assets into her name.

Police will now take the suspect back to Rayong where he will be held pending a court appearance.

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Car Owner Gets Speeding Ticket 8 Months After His Wheels Were Nicked



Car Owner Gets Speeding Ticket 8 Months After His Wheels Were Nicked

The hunt is on in Chonburi province for a Toyota Fortuner that was stolen 8 months ago in Bangkok after the owner received a speeding ticket in the post.

The owner of the vehicle had resigned himself to the fact his wheels were gone forever after the guy who nicked it before pawning it at an illegal casino told police his friend had “borrowed it” following his arrest for theft.

The pair were prosecuted but the friend and the car were never found, however, after being caught on camera doing 148 km/h the search for the car is back on.

Pattaya’s finest have already spotted it on security cameras in Laem Chabang and Si Racha with those tasked with finding it claiming it will be tracked down in no time at all.

A 30,000 baht reward is on the table for anyone who can assist in its recovery.

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Social Media Backlash Forces TrueOnline To Unblock PornHub



Social Media Backlash Forces TrueOnline To Unblock PornHub

They shut pubs, banned booze, hit happy endings on the head, told the nation to stay at home, and everyone took it on the chin, complained a bit and got on with life but when PornHub was pulled by TrueOnline this week Thai citizens were ready to take to the streets of the capital for a mass protest.

The social media backlash against one of the countries biggest ISPs after they blocked access to the world’s #1 adult video site PornHub was so big, bosses at TrueOnline had no other option than do a u-turn saying it was all a big misunderstanding and there had been some sort of mistake.

Twitter user @wanpedkarbkarb started the whole thing on Monday when he complained True were blocking access to his go-to site for some home alone relief.

The official account @true_online replied: “True Internet restricts access to Pornhub. We block our service to inappropriate content websites”.

Cue the shit storm.

Users asked were the internet giants their parents? Were they now going to only start hiring virgins? Are we no longer allowed to get horny?

The comments just kept on coming and management at True HQ must have been in a spin as millions of customers were being urged to boycott the company and take their business to another ISP who were happy to let the masses masturbate in the privacy of their own homes during the curfew.

Within hours boners were back on the allowed list when True flipped the censorship switch putting PornHub back online for their customers.

“The admin would like to apologise for the misinformation. The website is not blocked. If you have any problems accessing it, please contact us for further inspection,” the company tweeted on their official account.

Pornography is illegal in Thailand and adult sex sites are in fact supposed to be banned but with eyes elsewhere online, nobody downloading or watching PornHub has been hit with a five years jail term or a fine of up to 100,000 baht for cracking one off at home.

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