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Thailand Covid-19 Daily Update: 26th March 2020




With so much news and information related to the current Covid-19 situation, it is impossible for me to write separate articles on each piece of news coming out so from today I will publish a daily post that I will update throughout the day with key and important information.

4:55pm · 26 Mar 2020

There has been NO curfew announced. Nor has there been any lockdown announcements with people still free to travel without any official restrictions.

4:08pm · 26 Mar 2020

Express boat services on Saen Saeb canal and Chao Phraya have reversed their earlier announcement to suspend services.

All passengers must wear a face mask and practice social distancing.

1:02pm · 26 Mar 2020

Today Thailand reported 111 new Covid-19 cases, bringing the total to 1,045.

18 people have been discharged totalling 88 with a further 953 in hospital, 4 in critical conditions. Deaths remain at 4.

Via Ministry of Public Health

10:10am · 26 Mar 2020

The Nonthaburi Civic Center station on the MRT Purple Line has been closed after an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

The station has been closed for cleaning and trains will not stop.

The Nonthaburi Civic Center station on the MRT Purple Line has been closed


9:40am · 26 Mar 2020

Social Distancing has been introduced on the MRT – remember, to ride any train, inc ARL, BTS, MRT, you MUST wear a mask or you won’t be allowed to travel.

9:37am · 26 Mar 2020

Express boat services on Saen Saeb canal will be suspended from Friday 27th March until further notice.



9:20am · 26 Mar 2020

Announcement for British Nationals in Thailand

International travel is becoming more difficult and the British Embassy are working to find solutions to this. You can help – if you need to return to the UK but can’t, register with them.

Announcement for British Nationals in Thailand

Via UK in Thailand @ukinthailand

8:54am · 26 Mar 2020

90 Day Reporting, Alien’s Residing Report and Tourist Visa Extensions (30-day stamp) have been MOVED from Chaeng Wattana from today to a building in Muang Thong Thani.

Remember, you can do 90-day reporting online so there’s no need to physically go to the immigration office.

Muang Thong Thani


8:29am · 26 Mar 2020

Starting today, Thursday 26th March, the army and police will set up checkpoints at 7 locations on the outskirts of Bangkok to screen people for Covid-19 entering the city.

Those locations are:

1. Bang Na-Trat Road
2. Chaeng Watthana Road
3. Ratchaphruek Road
4. Suwinthawong Road
5. Sukhaphiban 2 Road
6. Suksawat Road
7. Rama 2 Road

8:15am · 26 Mar 2020

There is NO curfew, NO lockdown and NO travel restrictions as yet in Bangkok.

The government advice is for the following 3 groups of people to remain indoors.

People older than 70
Children younger than 5
People with pre-existing medical conditions

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Kirsty Jones Murder Case Closed After 20 Years



Kirsty Jones Murder Case Closed After 20 Years

A 20-year investigation into the murder of Welsh backpacker Kirsty Jones closed on Sunday after the statute of limitation ended.

Miss Jones was 23-years-old when she was raped and strangled at a guesthouse in Chiang Mai back in August 2000. Her killer is now a free man and can’t be prosecuted after escaping justice for two decades.

Kirsty arrived in Chiang Mai following time in Singapore and Malaysia during her gap year.

After spending an evening out with friends, she was attacked in the early hours of August 10 in her room.

The case has been shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories ever since, starting only days after the body was discovered.

Kirsty’s mother Sue Jones said: “It is a really sad time for us as a family.

“We have worked hard over all of these years to keep the Thai authorities interested in Kirsty’s case and to ensure that the investigation continued to try to identify the persons responsible for her murder.

“Kirsty was a bright, intelligent, independent young woman who had the world at her feet. Kirsty has gone from our lives, whilst her killer remains at large.

“Had they been brought to justice the sadness and emptiness would remain the same but it may have brought us some closure.

“I hope we have done her proud in trying to get justice.”

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Factory Worker’s Legs Crushed By Huge Steel Coil



Legs Crushed By Huge Steel Coi

A factory worker was left with crushed legs after a three-tonne steel coil fell on him while on duty at an industrial parts warehouse in Samut Prakan.

CCTV footage shows the man controlling a pulley to move the steel coils when one toppled over onto his legs last Monday.

Struggling to breathe, he tried to push the heavy metal off his body while shouting for help from his colleagues.

One of his co-workers rushed to help him while another worker helped removed the metal.

Emergency services rushed him to a local hospital where he was found to have suffered two broken legs.

Police said the incident was being dealt with internally by the factory and the injured worker.

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Three Bikers Clotheslined And Killed By Tow Rope



Three Bikers Clotheslined And Killed By Tow Rope

Three bikers died after being clotheslined by a rope from a truck towing a bus in Suphanburi province on Sunday afternoon.

Two of the men, aged 20 and 22, died at the scene with a third man, 29, dying a short time later at Sriprajan Hospital.

The three men were at the front of a pack of around 40 bikers heading home when they accelerated to squeeze between the truck and the bus crossing ahead of them unaware of the tow rope.

Truck driver Sakon Wutthichai, 48, told police he was towing the bus to Ayutthaya after it ran out of gas.

Both Wutthichai and the bus driver, Nakhon Srimuang, have been charged with reckless driving with police considering further charges.

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