Tiger Temple Banned From Charging Tourists

Published on 26th April 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Tiger Temple Banned From Charging Tourists

The latest development in the long running Tiger Temple saga is the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation have now banned the sanctuary from charging tourists to enter the park or to pose with the big cats.

Despite officials from the DNP saying they were removing all the tigers on Friday, they done nothing more than a headcount discovering 147 tigers in the monk’s care.

On Saturday the DNP released a statement saying they had reached a deal with the monks in charge of the Tiger Temple allowing them to continue to care for the animals on condition there will be no further breeding or profiting from the cats.

“The temple should not gain commercial benefit from the tigers without permission from department such as selling tourists admission fees or charging them money to take photos,” the statement said.

The DNP said the temple had also agreed that the tigers are officially “confiscated state assets and under the responsibility” of the parks department but added that the monks were still responsible for the costs of looking after the cats.

Any breach of the deal, the statement added, would result in the DNP seizing the animals.

The DNP have shown the monks threats to remove the cats are just that – threats. It is unlikely they have the proper facilities, manpower or funds to remove the animals and those charged with running the Tiger Temple are only too aware of this.

They are also likely to continue charging tourists to enter citing how else can they feed and care for the 147 tigers in their care. If that fails then expect to see lots of DONATIONS boxes dotted all over the place.

Expect visits by the DNP, more threats, more excuses and little else to change any time soon.

Via Yahoo News
Image via REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha

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