Trapped ‘Hot Smoke’ Sparked 800-Degree CentralWorld Inferno

Published on 14th April 2019 by Stickboy BKK

CentralWorld Inferno

The deadly CentralWorld fire burned at almost 800 degrees Celcius, fueled by “hot smoke” that had no place to escape after spewing from a basement room.

Bangkok fire investigators aided by the Office of Public Works, Engineering Institute of Thailand and Police Forensic Science Division did not say whether the exhaust blockage was a flaw in the design of Thailand’s largest shopping complex, but planned to study further building plans.

The fire did, as earlier speculation suggested, begin in the basement; ironically in a room where fire-fighting pumps were installed.

“Hot smoke” from the equipment rose from the B2 floor through vertical air ducts to the eighth floor where they found no escape and exploded into 700-800-degree inferno that melted air ducts, blocked the exit to the fire ladders and spread across the floor.

Two people trapped by the burning smoke either fell or jumped to their deaths while trying to escape it.

Sirivat Chaichana, secretary-general of the Engineering Institute, said blackish smoke stains were spotted on some parts of the air duct system but assured the public that CentralWorld’s structural integrity remained intact.

More inspection of building plans was needed, however, he told the media.

CentralWorld reopened on Friday and 3,000 filthy cars stuck there during the fire can be retrieved. The mall is offering free car washes upon request.

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