Twatpacker Back In UK After ‘Hellish’ 10 Days In Thai Jail For Stealing Mobile Phone

Published on 22nd April 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Twatpacker Back In UK

A dreadlocked backpacker jailed for stealing a mobile phone he “found” on an airport floor is back in the U.K. wowing his mates with tales of his harrowing ordeal.

Chris Dodd, 29, spent 10 days in a Chiang Mai jail, accused of theft after he was caught pocketing a mobile phone he saw on the airport floor before heading to a twatpacker hostel.

Dodd claimed complete innocence, saying he picked up the phone to find its owner. He said he looked around, didn’t see anyone acting like they just lost their mobile and decided to take it back to the hostel to trace its owner from there.

Police said he should have either left it on the floor or turned it into Chiang Mai Airport security.

He was threatened with five years in prison, but friends and family raised £20,000 to get him a lawyer to buy him out of jail. He was told to leave the country immediately and never come back.

Twatpacker Back In UK

The young tattoo artist from Poole had a great yarn to unspool over Easter dinner, one that certainly will be embellished to be a human tragedy as he ages.

Dodd said he was picked up by the cops at the hostel and taken back to the cells where they cut off his dreadlocks (but put them in a to-go back for later), made him strip, gave him a blanket and sent into the main jail.

“Nobody spoke English. It was really intimidating. You just have to fight for a space on the floor and you have people’s legs all over you,” he told the BBC.

His father Mike Dodd admitted the mighty baht, not the truth, got him out of jail.

“Over there money talks but, yes, it’s [also] having a really good lawyer. [The money raised] enabled us to have a really good lawyer. That was fantastic.”

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