Two Arrested For Machete Attack On Elderly Canadian Man

Published on 21st February 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Two Arrested For Machete Attack On Elderly Canadian Man

Police have arrested two Thai men who attacked an elderly Canadian with a machete last week in Chumphon during a botched mugging.

The incident happened at around 2am last Wednesday as Philip Sullivan, 68, walked along a quiet road near Chumphon train station with his girlfriend King Kulkaew.

Two men, identified as Yuthana Chumworathayee, 36, and Sarawut Katerat, 35, had followed the couple in a pickup until they reached a quiet stretch of the street where they stopped and one attempted to snatch a gold necklace from Ms Kulkaew.

Mr Sullivan intervened and was set about by Yuthana who was armed with a machete leaving the elderly Canadian with multiple cuts and slashes to his arms and neck.

The robbers fled empty handed and Mr Sullivan admitted to Ket Udomsak Hospital where he is still undergoing treatment.

The pair were soon caught after police discovered the attack had been caught on CCTV, allowing officers to easily trace the men from the vehicle license plate.

It was revealed the attackers had carried out a handful of similar robberies in the three months since their release from prison where they’d been serving time for attempted murder and robbery.

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