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Two Israeli’s Arrested At DMK Following Samui Slaying



Two Israelis Arrested At DMK Following Samui Slaying

Two Israeli men were arrested on Sunday night at Don Mueang International on suspicion of murdering a fellow countryman earlier in the day on Koh Samui.

The two men in their 20’s landed in Bangkok at 9.30pm on Thai Lion Air flight SL 747 from Surat Thani International Airport and were detained by immigration officials.

A speedy investigation by local police on Koh Samui soon revealed the identities of the two suspects revealing the pair had fled the island by boat and had boarded a plane for Bangkok.

CCTV footage of the killing was widely shared on Thai social media showing a car ram a motorbike sending the male driver and female passenger flying.

The biker runs to check his female friend and drags her to safety when the car suddenly reverses and stops with the passenger jumping out to give chase.

Again the car hits the man and another biker as he tries to escape but this time the assailant on foot had made up ground and repeatedly stabs the victim before fleeing.

Local news report the victim died a short time later from his injuries while the female pillion passenger is said to be in a stable condition.

With the investigation still in its early stages, Thai media are merely speculating as to the reasons behind the killing.

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Revellers Arrested On Koh Phangan Continue Partying At The Police Station [Video]



Revellers Arrested On Koh Phangan Continue Partying At The Police Station

Video footage has emerged of revellers who were arrested on Tuesday night at a pub on Koh Phangan still partying at the police station.

Immigration and tourist police raided the Three Sixty Bar in Koh Phangnan district around 9.30 pm on Tuesday following a tip-off there was a party taking place.

A total of 109 party-goers were detained – 89 foreigners (51 women and 38 men) and 20 Thais (13 women and 7 men).

The foreigners arrested were from more than 10 countries, including the USA, UK, Switzerland, France, Australia, Germany, and Denmark.

Also detained were the owner and the organiser of the party.

All were taken to Koh Phangan station where the 109 party-goers were charged with violating the Emergency Decree while the owner and organiser faced a string of additional charges.

109 party-goers were detained

Surat Thani governor Wichawut Jinto on Wednesday ordered strict action be taken against the offenders, however, it was another scene at a building next door to the police station where the group were being held.

Despite facing up to two years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to 40,000 baht, the group were unfazed on Wednesday morning as they continued to party inside and out of the building they were being held in before being transferred to Koh Samui Provincial Court.

KP Police Station

Music, dancing, smoking, drinking for the women under arrest appeared to be the order of the day from the footage named “Phangan 111 Jail Party”.

A small outside area had been cordoned off with visitors stopping by to see their friends and not a policeman in sight.

There was no social distancing being enforced and nobody wearing a mask as the group done as they pleased. They had even set up a games corner to pass the time.

None of the men in custody are seen in the video as they were being held inside in a cell.

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Booze Back In Restaurants With 11PM Closing Pending Approval On Friday




Pending approval on Friday by the Cabinet, restaurants in Bangkok will have their opening hours for dine-in customers extended and be allowed to sell alcohol once again.

From Saturday it is expected that all restaurants and eateries in the capital can remain open for an extra 2 hours until 11pm from 6am with the coffee cups safely put back in the storeroom as booze will also back on the menu.

Live music has been given the green light with audience capacity limited to 300 people.

The announcement was made today by CCSA spokesman Dr Taweesilp Visanuyothin is his daily televised briefing on the current situation.

Restaurants were allowed to open with limited operating hours at the start of the month as the government shut down high-risk establishments in a bid to contain the spread of Covid-19 following the outbreak at the shrimp market in Samut Sakhon.

The current order closing pubs, clubs, and go-go bars runs until Feb 1 at 6am. There was no indication from Dr Taweesilp if or when this order would be lifted or extended.

As with all proposals, this, of course, is subject to change pending approval by the PM and his Cabinet at a meeting being held on Friday.

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Birds From Serbia Spotted In Thailand Enjoying Warmer Winter Climes



Birds From Serbia Spotted In Thailand Enjoying Warmer Winter Climes

With nightlife and entertainment venues in Bangkok still shut, today we look at birds of a different kind on Stickboy. Our feathered friends making the news instead of the sexy spinner variety.

Migratory birds from Serbia were seen perched on trees around an island in Trang province as they escaped from cool winter temperatures to enjoy the tropics.

Soldiers found the birds – including sandpipers and redshanks – hunting fish off Ko Libong Island last week (Jan 18).

Chaiyaprut Weerawong, head of Ko Libong Wildlife No Hunting Area Coordination Center, said the birds are taking refuge in the island until the cold season ends.

He said: ‘They are temporarily staying here where the weather is perfect for them to hunt. The birds are mostly from Siberia.’

The environmentalist also encouraged tourists to visit the island so they can enjoy birdwatching while the animals are still in the country.

He said: ‘Seeing these birds are a special experience and they only come here seasonally so it will be great for tourists if they come and see them now.’

Ko Libong island is a popular feeding area for birds as it has rich wildlife such as worms, shrimps, fish, and crabs that can sustain their food.

Birds on the island including the sandpiper, lesser sand plover, greater sand plover, oriental plover, crab-plover, red knot, common redshank, dunlin, and bar-tailed godwit.

The birds will stay in Koh Lubong until April before returning to Siberia in spring for the warmer season.

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