Ubon Meth-Head Busted For Groping Songkran Motorcyclist

Ubon meth-head busted for groping Songkran motorcyclist

A drug-addicted Ubon Ratchathani man was arrested after video showed him kissing and groping a woman enjoying Songkran.

Pipatpong Singhsaen, 29, was charged with public indecency after his Monday night arrest. His apprehension came after the world saw him touching the woman without her consent, even though she didn’t file a police complaint.

Ubon police chief Thanitsak Siripattanapak said it didn’t matter due to the seriousness of his crime, for which he could spend a decade in prison.

Ubon meth-head busted for groping Songkran motorcyclist

Public indecency may be a Saturday frolic in the U.K., but in Thailand, it’s actually more serious than sexual harassment, which shows you how good office ladies have it in big Thai corporations.

Pipatpong did earn points for haste, however, managing to assault the woman while she was on her motorbike a stopped at a red light. She slapped away his wandering hands as his friends laughed.

Of course, the Ubon perv tested positive for meth use, which is only going to extend his stay at the Issan Hilton. It wasn’t his first drug arrest either.