Walking Streets Coming To Bangkok

Published on 8th October 2014 by Stickboy BKK

The headline may have you thinking Pattaya style walking street and I’m sure many readers would love to see cars and bikes kicked off of Soi 4 but that isn’t what the city bigwigs have in mind.

This grand plan is aimed at tourists, the kind who come to look at Buddhist temples and visit the beach, not the other kind who they like to keep quiet about who come to look inside chrome pole temples and pick up at Beach Rd.

Khao San Road

Areas suggested for the walking streets included China Town’s Yaowaraj Road which is famous for Chinese food; Silom which is packed with all-sorts of stalls that tourists love to browse; Narng Lerng known for its seafood dining.

The idea is to turn areas into walking streets on the weekend so the streets can be free of vendors during the week. This plan gives the owners of the stalls and food carts the opportunity to earn a crust and at the same time create tourist attractions across the city.

All talk right now and only time will tell if it will become a reality.

Image via Upic.me

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