Wayne Schneider Murder Trial: Accused Deny All Charges

Published on 18th November 2016 by Stickboy BKK

wayne schneider

The two suspects in the Wayne Schneider murder trial were identified and placed at the scene of the murder by DNA evidence and two eyewitnesses, despite both accused denying any involvement in the killing of the Australian biker.

Almost a year after his arrest on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering his friend, Antonio Bagnato, 27, took to the stand yesterday at Pattaya Provincial Court to answer charges of murder, deprivation of liberty and concealing a corpse.

antonio bagnatoAntonio Bagnato

Bagnato told the court he had dinner at the home of the deceased before leaving at around 11.30pm with a Thai woman. He claims the pair went to Marine Disco on Walking Street before returning to the woman’s condo.

In his version of events to the court he wakened at midday to several missed calls from a mutual friend who informed him of the kidnapping. Bagnato left for Bangkok to meet his wife and young daughter.

He then fled Thailand after his wife was arrested when investigators discovered she had rented the vehicle used to transport Schneider’s dead body from his home to the remote spot in Sattahip district where he had been buried.

He was arrested several days later in Phnom Penh by Cambodian authorities at hotel on 82nd Street, and extradited back to Thailand.

No evidence to back up his alibi was presented to the court by Bagnato’s defence team.

Bagnato was identified by two security guards working at the Jomtien Park Villas housing estate in Bang Lamung district where Schneider lived on the morning of the murder, despite international media claiming the witnesses were missing or had been paid off.

Both men testified they seen three others and Bagnato “hurting” Schneider when they went to investigate a mans cries for help.

tyler gerardTyler Gerard

On Friday, co-accused Tyler Gerard, 22, who was captured trying to flee Thailand into Cambodia three days after the murder, took to the stand.

He claimed in court he didn’t know what he was doing when he signed a confession outlining the role he played in the murder, despite several translators being present when he did so.

At the time he told interrogators that he drove the rented pickup to the home of Schneider with four others, including Bagnato, where they beat their victim unconscious before putting the body in the back of the truck and driving to a secluded area in Sattahip district where the gang buried the body.

The court heard his DNA was found at the scene and on the victim.

Gerard claims he had been involved in a bike crash where he sustained his injuries and denied any involvement in the killing.

The trial was adjured with sentencing expect in the next 6-8 weeks.

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