Wheelchair-Bound Brit Sprouts Wings, Falls To Death

Published on 20th March 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Wheelchair-Bound Brit Sprouts Wings Falls To Death

Another day and another report of an expat pensioner with medical problems ending it all by throwing themselves from a 10th floor balcony at their Pattaya condo.

On Saturday night at around 9.30pm police and rescue volunteers were called to the Somphong Condotel in Sattahip District where they found the body of a foreigner in the car park who appeared to have taken his own life.

The man was soon identified as 79-year-old John Angus Anthony, a retired British businessman, who lived alone in the apartment block.

Police interviewed a female friend of the man, named as Ms Elizabeth, who told them the wheelchair-bound Brit had been battling cancer and various other medical conditions for some time and had shared his plan to take his life with her earlier on Saturday evening.

She told cops she dismissed his talk of suicide as she didn’t think he could get out his chair to carry out his plan.

Investigators found the deceased’s wheelchair parked on the 10th floor close to the balcony he threw himself over. Upon checking his room there was nothing to suggest foul play and the death ruled as suicide.

The body was sent to Sattahip hospital for autopsy and the British embassy in Bangkok informed.

Photo Credit: khaosod.co.th

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