Woman Attacked With Bottle In Soi 11 Hotel Toilet

Published on 4th February 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Morrocan Man Bottles Woman On Face In Soi 11 Hotel

A young woman had to have 26 stitches in her face following an alleged attack with a bottle in the toilets of the Aloft Hotel in the early hours of Saturday morning.

According to the unnamed woman, she had been partying at Levels nightclub on Soi 11 and went to use the toilets in the Aloft Hotel lobby only to find a man trying to “attack” one of her friends. When she intervened the man smashed a bottle on her face leaving her with a deep gash on her cheek that required hospital treatment.

The following was posted to her Facebook page on Sunday afternoon.

Ive been asked to clarify my status after the attack on Friday night. While we try and gather all the evidence it seems the video has to come from ‪Aloft‬ hotel as it’s their bathroom not Levels.

The ‪Levels‬ staff told my friend that the Moroccan guy (even though he got away we have his passport copy) is a known trouble maker so they didn’t let him which is why he was in Aloft lobby!

Besides of few cuts and 26 stitches in my face I’m ok but will not rest until this crazy scum is locked up and getting what he deserves! I’m very grateful for the help and support I’m getting from family and friends! Will keep you posted as things progress!

The alleged attacker was taken to the police station for questioning but the victim claims he disappeared after he was allowed to visit the toilet alone.

All parties were contacted for comment and either declined or failed to reply.

Image via Facebook

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