Woman Found Dead Off Koh Phi Phi Identified

Renee Joy Hodgkinson

The body of the young woman found dead floating off Koh Phi Phi earlier this week has been named as 24-year-old Renee Joy Hodgkinson from New Zealand.

Police believe she drowned while swimming on Wednesday morning with the body being found at around midday in Lo Dalum Bay.

An autopsy confirmed drowning as the cause of death and there was nothing to indicate foul play.

In a statement released on Sunday, Hodgkinson’s family said, “Our world was shattered when we were advised of the tragic death of our precious and beloved daughter”.

“Since then, we have been supported by friends and family, but we are still coming to terms with this most devastating of news and it is fair to say that the healing process will be long and arduous”.

Ms Hodgkinson was a member of the New Zealand Army and worked as a medic in the Medical Corps, according to NZ news outlets.