Woman Kills 4-Year-Old Niece On Her Driving Test

Woman Kills 4-Year-Old Niece On Her Driving Test

A Thai woman who was about to take her driving test hit two small children, seriously injuring one and killing another on Tuesday morning.

Thai media report the 36-year-old woman took four young family members with her to the Transportation Office in Sing Buri province where she was sitting her test.

As she was about to begin she told the four children to stand on the footpath and wait for her. As she attempted to pull out of the parking bay she put the car in the wrong gear and went forward instead of reversing as she intended hitting the two youngsters.

Her 4-year-old niece was killed instantly and her 7-year-old nephew left with life threatening injuries.

It wasn’t reported what, if any, charges would be filled by police against the driver.