Woman Wanted For Drugging, Robbing Italian Nabbed In Pattaya

Published on 6th November 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Woman wanted for drugging robbing Italian nabbed in Pattaya

Pattaya police today arrested one of two Thai “property shoppers” who allegedly drugged and robbed an Italian man in his condo in February.

Amorn Yimya, 48, was captured and charged with conspiracy in theft for the Feb. 24 robbery of Cosimo Tato, 64, at The Best Condo on Second Road. Tato has since left the country, so the chances of Amorn going to jail are about as good as Tato getting his cash back.

The Italian went to the Pattaya cop shop nine months ago after awakening with a headache and bloody nose from being knocked out by sleeping pills. The best he could recall, two women who claimed they wanted to buy his condo drugged him.

According to the arrest warrant, Amorn and another woman approached Tato at The Avenue galleria on Second Road and chatted him up … about property. They told him they were in the market for a condo and asked if he’d be interested in selling his. To show they were serious, they flashed him some cash, in British pounds no less.

Tato did the Italian thing and suggested the three of them discuss the intimate details in his flat. Just for coffee you understand.
Once upstairs, one of the Thai women prepared the java, never asking if he wanted one lump or two of Xanax. Meanwhile, the other asked if they could keep the sterling in his safe, just for now.

Actually, it was just until the sleeping pills kicked in. Then they made a withdrawal from the safe, taking back their pounds, along with about 225,000 baht in euros and local currency. And a gold necklace worth 75,000 baht.

They neglected to sign on the bottom line of the sale contract on the way out. The other suspect remains on the lamb.

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