Yank, 6 Chinks Busted For Renting Brains To Lazy Thais

Published on 11th December 2018 by Stickboy BKK

6 Chinese Busted For Renting Brains To Lazy Thais

A Chinese-American and six actual Chinese were arrested for renting out their brains to Thais too lazy to use theirs.

Chinese nationals Wang Jie, 27; Lin Jia, 28: Chen Juan, 33; Huang Li, 27; He Liu, 28; Huang Xiaofan, 39: and yank Michael Li Yao, 30, admitted they were hired to take standardised college admissions tests for Thai students.

Presumably they were smarter than the Thais that were trying to get into U.S. universities, but were dumb enough to get caught within 48 hours.

The Technology Crime Suppression Division was asked by the U.S. American College Testing exam, saying it needed help investigating dodgy results of tests taken at Mahidol University’s Nakhon Pathom campus on Friday and at NIST International School in Bangkok Saturday.

Police quickly discovered that a Chinese national in the central province had paid the testing fees for several “students” using the same credit card.

The test-takers tried to hold out by refusing to give their proper names, but immigration police easily sussed that out. The suspects in Bangkok toppled like mahjong tiles, admitting they used fake passports to take the exam for customers.

Each test-taker had been promised 40,000-90,000 baht each after returning to China.

All were charged with falsifying immigration documents and their test results were tossed out. Police likely will now turn their attention to the deep-pocketed Thais storing their unused brains in jars for later sale.

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