Yank Crackpot On Run After ‘Seastead’ Home Raided

Published on 19th April 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Yank Crackpot On Run

An American crackpot who transplanted his survivalist, anti-government dogma to Thailand’s Andaman Sea has had his visa revoked and his “seastead” home raided.

Chad Elwartowski and brainwashed Thai girlfriend Supranee Thepdet – who now goes by “Nadia Summergirl” – built a house on a platform in the Andaman sea where they claimed they were free of any nation’s laws.

The Royal Thai Navy disagreed.

Yank Crackpot On Run

The military said the pair endangered national sovereignty and also posed a navigation threat as the area is a shipping lane. The navy filed a complaint with Phuket police that could see both land in prison for life. Both have gone into hiding.

In a statement posted online, Elwartowski insisted they did nothing wrong and lived outside Thailand’s 12-mile international-waters limit.
“This is ridiculous. We lived on a floating house boat for a few weeks and now Thailand wants us killed.”

Seasteading is a libertarian idea on the rebound and is tied to the crypto-currency fad, particularly with nutjobs that think they are above any law or government.

Elwartowski, an IT specialist, said he has been screwing with Bitcoin since 2010.

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