Yank kills Wife, Flies To Bangkok, U.S. Police Say

Yank kills Wife Flies To Bangkok

Planes from the U.S. are filled daily with guys who’ve just dumped their wives for a younger model, but Peter Van Bawi Lian took it a step further: He killed his missus before jumping on a jet to Bangkok, police say.

Lian, an active-duty army soldier, is wanted on both first-degree murder and military-desertion charges following the discovery of the body of spouse Khuang Par in a dumpster in Indiana Dec. 23.

Police said Wednesday that Lian then boarded a flight to Bangkok on Christmas Eve.

Yank kills Wife Flies To Bangkok

Investigators allege Lian finished what he started earlier this year when he allegedly assaulted Par, prompting her to move back with her family in Indianapolis.

The suspect, based at Fort Carson, a third of the way across the U.S. in Colorado, then flew to Indiana to kill her.
Expect him next to appear in a pointing picture from Pattaya.