Levels Late & Wax Temporarily Closed Again

Published on 3rd July 2014 by Stickboy BKK

The news that Levels Late and sister club Wax had temporarily closed, due to the “political situation”, came via their official Facebook pages earlier today.

I guess the lack of customers could be related to the “political situation” but how would that explain other clubs being rammed when these two are empty?

Having seen with my own eyes this past Sunday, Levels Late and Wax were dead as was Levels further down Soi 11. A hop over the road into Climax told a much different story. It was full at 3am.

The big difference is that the Soi 11 Group clubs all try to be upmarket dreaming of days gone by when Soi 11 was trendy and had clubs comparable with London and New York such as Bed Supperclub and Q Bar in its prime. Those were places to go and been seen on the Bangkok club circuit. Not now which is Climax is busy and those on the opposite side of the soi are struggling.

The truth is that Levels Late and Wax were simply bad ideas put forward by a team who thought they could replicate the success of Levels and it just hasn’t happened. Clubber just didn’t buy into the hype and bullshit.

Updated at midnight: At the time of publishing this the Levels Late FB page used the image below, It has now been changed to one stating, “We are closed today”. Does that mean they will be open again tomorrow? Stay tuned.

Levels Late temporarily closed due to political situation

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