Playboy Club Bangkok

Published on 14th May 2015 by Stickboy BKK

playboy club bangkok

Bunny Ventures, the publisher of Playboy Thailand, invested around 100 million baht branching out into digital media and the launch of a satellite TV channel around 12 months ago in a bid to offset revenue losses due to a decline in print advertising.

100 million baht certainly isn’t loose change leading me to believe the backers have deep pockets which had me wondering why Bunny Ventures have not gone down the route of many other Playboy affiliates around the world and opened a high end Playboy Club Bangkok gentlemen’s club.

Now I’m certain there’d be another huge payment to Mr Hefner’s enterprise to open a Playboy Club and there’d also be a lengthy list of do’s and don’t to attach the name and logo to any nitespot bearing the world famous Playboy name but surely there is a niche market out there in a city the size of Bangkok to make such an enterprise worthwhile and most importantly, profitable.

Mind you, if they did open a Playboy Club Bangkok I wouldn’t even be able to afford the car parking fees let alone a drink.

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