Sexy Thursday – Time To Discover Equality

If you haven’t already, this Thursday would be a great time to discover Equality Nightclub on Sukhumvit Soi 4.

Bangkok’s newest late late club are throwing a party and a half this week to welcome everyone who have heard the name but haven’t yet ventured in for a drink or two.

DJ Kut will be blowing the doors off with a big party set to keep the entourage of dancing dollbirds busy on the stage, and all at no cost to you too I have to add as it’s free entry all night long and there is a free bar from midnight to 2am.

It’s gonna be a good night and just for anyone who is thinking Equality is rammed full of cocks in frocks – it isn’t. Top totty of the Stickboy variety is what’ll you find. The full of ladyboys myth comes from the club having an open door policy.

sexy thursday equality

Equality Nightclub are a Stickboy sponsor