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Wax Club Grand Opening Feb 6th



Back in October 2012 Bash Upscale Nightclub on Soi 11 opened its doors with the following slogan:


wax nightclub bangkok

It was a short lived dream. It didn’t work out as planned. Fast forward nine months or so from the grand opening and two of those floors were gone and only used for accessing the toilets. A complete waste of space and money as the owners had invested heavily in decorating the entire venue to a high standard.

Then came the surprise announcement in late October 2013 that seen the popular Levels nightclub merging with the Eclipse managed Q Bar and Bash to form the Soi 11 Entertainment Group.

Since then there have been many changes and cost cutting measures put in place to try and put Q Bar back on the map and give Bash an identity that it seems to be missing.

The newly merged group have quickly decided that the upper floors of Bash would make for a new club in its own right. One with its own name and style. Long forgotten is the idea of it being the Bash VIP Zone and R&B / Hip Hop room as was the case when it first opened its doors.

So comes the news that the top two floors of Bash will be home to WAX, the Soi 11 Entertainment Groups “fifth” venue on the strip.

wax ightclub bangkok soi 11

***Wax Opening Weekend***

*Thursday Feb 6th!

**Friday Feb 7th!

***Saturday Feb 8th!

3 Days of Pure Music Mayhem with 14 of Bangkok’s best DJs!

Introducing WAX, a brand new clubbing experience.

Lose yourself in WAX’s hedonistic party space, specially designed for the discerning party goer and music lover.

Surround your mind body and soul with our brand new state of the art sound system for your aural pleasure.

Move your feet to the sounds of Bangkok’s best DJs along with International Guest DJs and taste makers long into the night and way past your bedtime.

All the hype and (bought) Facebook Fan Page likes mean not a jot at this point in time and unless they come up with something special it will turn into another short lived success.

That may seem a bit harsh but the truth is they are all too much of the same. There is not enough variety between Q Bar, Levels and the re-branded club room V Club, Bash and now Wax – you only need to look at the DJ lineups in all these venues to see that. The same names churning out the same “trendy” house tunes.

And where is the synergy from the Eclipse side of the business? Don’t forget they also run Insanity on Soi 12, Mai Peng on Soi 4 and Bangkok Beat on Soi 7/1.

Same same but not different and that is where the problem lies. But what does Stickboy BKK know? Read this for starters as an answer to that question.

Stickboy BKK is the #1 website for Bangkok nightlife and entertainment news for expats and tourists, covering everything from local news to what's going on after dark. You can drop us an email here -

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Dirty Rabbit x Mustache



Dirty Rabbit returns, this time with some new faces, and meet the new talented local DJs & Producers.

This round Dirty Rabbit x Mustache has reunited once again in order to create something new the Underground Music industry.

As you can see, Dirty Rabbit is collaborating with everyones favorite underground venue Mustache BKK to level up the party experience!

Be assured of 120% on September 16th that everyone will get to experience something fresh and unique along with the music experts that have been carefully handpicked to join the party.

Dirty Rabbit x Mustache


9 – 10.30 THAI MAN MADE (Live Set)
10.30 – 12 THAISTICK B2B TETEZ (Home Boy)
12 – 1.30 OPTIKZ B2B JULES BLONS (Mustache)

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Levels Grand Reopening Friday 8th July



Levels, one of Bangkok’s most popular nightclubs, is ready to return this Friday night after being left in the dark for what feels like an eternity due to government Covid restrictions.

Sukhumvit Soi 11 will be on fire this Friday night as partygoers return to the glitzy club to get their groove on.

Book your table now: 0823083246

Levels Grand Reopening Friday 8th July

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