A Readers Question

Published on 13th April 2016 by Stickboy BKK

I spotted a good question buried in the comments on the Stickboy Bangkok Facebook page from Josie Backer that I thought was worth sharing.

Q. Josie Backer – You never write about bad experiences from customers at the bars? Why is that? Because you need to maintain good relations to the bar owners to get all the latest information?

A. Stickboy Bangkok – Writing about bars is only a small part of what I do plus I need to be careful that what I publish is accurate because it’s too easy to be sued – and lose – here in Thailand for defamation and violation of the draconian Computer Crime Act even if what I wrote is 100% true.

Truth is not an “absolute” defence, as in the West, and even if you write something entirely accurate and truthful, you can be thrown in jail if it damages a person’s or businesses’ reputation.

A Readers Question

I also only write first hand info and not that shared in comments or emails, that way I know what I write is true because you can never be sure if someone writing in has a grudge or gripe and just out to make trouble claiming they had a bad experience.

It doesn’t mean I don’t hear about people getting short-changed in bars and clubs or ripped off by bargirls. Of course I do but my advice to them is always the same – try sort the issue out in private and don’t take to Facebook ranting and raving. If management aren’t interested in listening to the complaint or finding an amicable resolution, then put it down to experience and NEVER return to that bar. It’s not like there’s a shortage of options.

A Readers Question

I do on occasion share bad experiences when it’s a combination of many things gone wrong in one visit. Here’s two examples:

My Annual Trip To London Calling

Black Pagoda Becoming A Fawlty Tower

I prefer to focus on the positives and let readers know what’s on or where I think is a good place to go. Negative write-ups are very easy to do and I could knock out four or five a day but that isn’t me. All that moaning and groaning just drags you down, I prefer to keep things upbeat and entertaining, leaving the doom & gloom to others.

A Readers Question

As for not saying anything bad to maintain relationships and get information goes, I have good working relationships with many bar owners and managers around Bangkok and beyond that I speak with on a regular basis.

If I hear some “gossip” I don’t run to my notebook and bang out a story, instead I either fire off an email or pick up the phone to ask the boss in question their side of the story.

It’s amazing how much bullshit and exaggeration you hear on the grapevine. Here’s an example from last week: Despite The Rumours, Playskool Hasn’t Been Sold

Of course, some stories just cannot be published for a million and one reasons but over time as relationships develop and trust is built I find this to be less these days as people know I’m not going to twist their words, misquote them or paint a different picture to what took place.

Got a question you’d like me to answer? Fire an email to stickboybkk@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do.

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