A Week Of Farrang Buskers & Beggars

Published on 17th January 2016 by Stickboy BKK

The number of photos and stories being shared on social media of foreigners busking and begging their way around Thailand are almost becoming a daily occurrence.

The latest photos to go viral are of a young Russian couple seen on Saturday night flogging postcards outside Mo Chit BTS to fund their travels.

russians selling postcardsPic cr. Gyf Chaithanapat

Twitter user Sweet3Mango spotted a farrang guy busking at the Thailand Tourism Festival in Lumpini Park on Friday night.

Farang in lumpini ParkPic cr. Sweet3Mango

Then we had the panhandler who was spotted on the skywalk near Siam Paragon midweek that left quite a few Facebook followers with their knickers in a twist saying he was busking, not begging. The bottomline is he wants people to give him money.

Farrang panhandler mdePic cr. mde

And how about the begging Russian hanging around Phra Nakhon with a sign saying he doesn’t have enough money to buy a ticket home? He hit the headlines on Tuesday when a kind student bought him a KFC.

Begging Russian KFCPic cr. ฟ้าคราม แมสซิลี

More begging backpackers wanting others to fund their travels…

More begging backpackersPic cr. Shin Anthony

These are just from the past week in Bangkok. If I scrolled further back through my Facebook and Twitter updates I’d find plenty more freeloaders looking for us to hand over our hard earned to pay their way.

I’m not going to go on and on sounding like a broken record repeating what I’ve said before on these Freeloading Farrangs Begging In Bangkok.

If you haven’t worked hard and saved to travel you shouldn’t be in a foreign country expecting the good will of others to fund your lazy ass. For those with no money to buy a ticket home, they should have thought of that when they were down to their last 30k. Were they expecting to grab a few notes from the magic money tree to bail them out?

Busking, begging, call it what you will. To me they are nothing but a bunch of shameless scumbags who should be sent packing asap.

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