Advertising & Paid Plugs Explained

Published on 18th June 2017 by Stickboy BKK

This is just a quickie to answer a few common questions recieved via email and a response to comments left on social media in recent weeks about what is paid for and what isn’t on Stickboy Bangkok.

Banner ads here on the website are of course all paid for with those advertising buying nothing more than that – a banner ad. Advertorials are few and far between and in three years I think I’ve ran three in total. This type of content is paid for and very easy to spot as it is clearly marked “Sponsored”.

Press releases are published free if I feel what they are plugging will appeal to readers.

Events, parties, concerts, promotions in pubs, clubs and restaurants etc are all published free too, whether the business in question advertises or not.

Advertising Paid Plugs Explained

On social media I will share anything for free if I feel it fits with the audience. This can vary on Twitter & Facebook as both have very different demographics and what might appeal to one may not the other.

Some businesses want guaranteed shares on social media and take up the option of buying a “Social Media Package” that gets them 1 paid share a week per package purchased.

And that’s how it works around here. All very simple and straightforward.

If you have a one off event, promotion or party you want shared, just email me the info with the poster or a picture and I’ll share it free.

If you want regular plugs get in touch and we can sort out a deal that will get you a slice of the 6 million eyeballs that see Stickboy content every month, most of whom are actually here in Thailand and not reading from afar dreaming about their next two week holiday.

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