All That Negative SEO… It’s Working

For the past few weeks Stickboy Bangkok has been receiving some unusual search traffic and all of it is bad. Really bad. The search terms are massage, escort or sex related and all contain Stickboy either at the beginning or the end of the phrase.

Now if this site was offering massage or escort services then this would be normal and just what I was looking for but as you know, aside from a few massage shop and escort ads plus a couple of galleries in the Girls section then that’s about as far as it goes here on those subjects.

This site isn’t well known enough for people to use Stickboy as part of any search they do when looking for rub’n’tug recommendation in Bangkok, if it even had that kind of content to begin with.

Today alone there have been 21 referrals from search engines for “erotic massage bangkok stickboy” which screams out negative SEO campaign to me.

negative seo

Why would anyone want to attack this site with a negative SEO campaign?

I’ve no idea and I really couldn’t care less because the site does not and never will depend or rely on the all-too-powerful Google for traffic. If Google send me traffic it’s a case of thank you very much, that was kind of you. If one day they decide to turn off the traffic tap then it’s nothing more than a shrug of the shoulders and a muttering from me of the all too famous Thai phrase, “Up to you”.

I chose this path for Stickboy because I was bitten by Google back in the day when you’d wait every month for the latest “Google Dance”.

Sometime around 2005 I got burned during one of those dances and never recovered from it for almost two years. After I got over losing a truckload of traffic every day in Google referrals I set about rebuilding that particular site to survive without the mighty G and at it’s height it was doing 2.4 million uniques and 14m plus pageviews per month teaching me not to fuss over what Google are doing and focus on what I can do without them.

Whoever is behind all that negative SEO, they can carry on wasting time and money because it’s not going to do Stickboy any harm.