Ambulance Overkill

Published on 17th February 2015 by Stickboy BKK

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At about 2am this morning I was sat relaxing and watching a movie after a hard days work when I heard a bit of noise outside which is really unusual. I was too lazy to move and thought it was just someone coming home a bit pissed after a good night out making some noise as they paid the taxi.

More engines and more voices couldn’t get me to budge as I’m thinking the rest of the family had caught up in their cars… like I say, at night it’s really quiet where I live and figured they’d all be inside in a few minutes. No big deal.

Then a blue light catches my eye and I realise something is going on. Stickgirl bounces up to go for a nosey. I’m sat thinking my tea’s out and the Lumpini & Thonglor BiB have finally found me for trash talking them lol. The other half tells me I better come have a look as something big must be going on.

I step out to a sea of flashing blue and red lights. My first thought is there’s been a slaughter if they need 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ambulances. Jesus.

There are EMTs everywhere but no sign of any bodies or walking wounded. Then I ask Stickgirl where are the cops? She doesn’t see any either. Mmm… odd if there’s no police around and something major has went on. Back to my movie asking for updates as the voices outside get louder. No cops meant no major drama as far as I was concerned.

After about 20 minutes engines get fired up as the ambulances and EMT pick ups all roll out except for one that hangs back to beep his horn and whale the siren. I can only shake my head and think Somchai you dickhead.

None the wiser as to what happened I finished my movie and went to sleep. Speaking to granny downstairs this morning at the shop that sells all, it turns out that what the eight ambulances had raced here for in the early hours of the morning was in fact some drunken tart who had slipped in the bathroom and hurt her leg.

Talk about overkill… mind you, I told Stickgirl if I ever need an ambulance never to tell them it’s for a farrang otherwise they might not show up in such numbers, then again, maybe they will thinking they can get a bigger finders fee.

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