Email Of The Week: Bad Eyesight And A Dodgy Ticker

Published on 7th January 2019 by Stickboy BKK

TTB from Hua Hin is back with another tale and another Email Of The Week award.

Today’s ‘Incredible But True’ story from Thailand.

This morning I’m sitting talking with my wife’s uncle who speaks better English than me. His buddy comes along and he can speak very little English. So we play the inevitable Thai small talk game of guessing how old each other is. (We don’t do the UK ‘guess the weather’ chat here because it’s a scorcher every day.)

Anyway, it transpires that this old boy is 72. I also learn that he has a dodgy heart and poor eyesight and he has been told by his doctor not to drive.

Email Of The Week

After a while, he has to go and do something, so he says goodbye and off he goes. Apparently, he has a part-time job. I said that was good that he kept himself busy and asked my wife’s uncle, “What does your friend do?”

He looked at me and said, “He drives the school bus!”

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