Bangkok Is Bursting At The Seams With Henpecked Pussies

From older sex tourists being ordered about on Sukhumvit Road by their two thousand baht a night trollop to professional expat types being barked at in Paragon by their wannabe hi-so trophy wife, Bangkok seems to be bursting at the seems with henpecked pussies who have the cheek to call themselves men.

Out and about in the real world, talking with friends and reading social media updates from strangers has led me to believe most men have had their balls cut off and stored in a jar on the top shelf of a kitchen cupboard by their better halves transforming them into lap dogs, gofers and yes-men.

It’s embarrassing to see, hear and read.

Bangkok Is Bursting At The Seams With Henpecked Pussies

My foreign neighbours wife rules the roost and she who must be obeyed is. He is European, mid 40’s, two luk khrueng kids and a once pretty girlfriend has morphed into the devil making his life a living hell.

Off to work he goes at 7am while her indoors snacks and shops all day long. The maid cleans and the nanny cares for the kids. When he returns home at 6pm he cooks dinner. People, I kid you not, this is the life he has carved out for himself and no matter how much bitching and moaning he does, he only has to look in the mirror to find the person to blame.

I’m sure many reading this will be saying to themselves, “No way, not me”, yet they will be the same ones getting their arses dragged from mall to mall, weekend after weekend when they should be kicking back with the boys watching the game, shooting the breeze and sinking a few cold ones after a week of work but don’t have the cajones to tell their missus they have other plans and so off they go like little sheep dog, doing what they are told, when they are told.

henpecked husband

Now as far as I’m concerned you pay hookers for sex, not to humiliate you in public, unless it’s a fetish far more popular than I’m unaware of but I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen older guys being berated and belittled in the middle of Sukhumvit like a naughty schoolboy by a bargirl half their age.

This tells me they need to go and have their head checked as nobody in their right mind would be seen dead in the same situation in their own country. What makes these pussy-whipped sexpats think it’s okay here? They just look like the idiots they are for allowing that sort of bs to happen.

And then you have guys who sit on their phone half the night telling their girlfriend where they are, what they’re drinking, what they’re talking about, what they’re looking at in the pub, when they go for a pee… jeez, why not just bring her with you so she can watch your every move? Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t have to do that as she video calls every hour to check they are telling the truth.

If she doesn’t trust you to go meet your mates for a pint, what’s the point being together?

im not henpecked

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I have got this all wrong.

When my other half says she is going shopping or some other shit I don’t want to do, I ask her does she have enough cash and tell her to have a good time, I’ll see her when she gets back. If she needs a hand with the anything call me when she is downstairs and I’ll come carry whatever crap she’s bought up the stairs.

As for me going out, well, I tell her where I’m going and usually who I’m off to meet and that’s about it. If I know I’m going to be home early then I’ll say so, otherwise it’s take care with a peck on the cheek.

No phone calls, no sms, no Line, no nothing. If I’m going to be late I’ll message and let her know. End of. No questions, no inquisition the following day, no nothing.

When she goes out it’s exactly the same.

The only time my missus used to moan was if I’d go out on the lash and borrow her money to do it or she thinks I’ve blown 20k on a bender. That is when the silent treatment kicked in and she went on temporary strike.

The no talking suits me fine, and feeding myself is a mere click of the mouse. She never keeps it up and seldom happens as I quickly learned not to ask her for beer money.

Then again, as I think about all this as I read what I’ve typed above, maybe this is what western guys are used to and expect. My brother-in-law handed his balls to my sister the day they got married and she’s been wearing the trousers in that relationship ever since. She says jump, he asks how high.

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