Bangkok, You Make Me Sick

Published on 5th October 2016 by Stickboy BKK

At 45 I’m no spring chicken but as I stood this morning looking at my mug in the mirror I wasn’t seeing a 45-year-old blonde bloke, more like a fella in his fifties.

In the past two years I’ve aged badly and I’m blaming it on Bangkok, the place makes me sick.

Now I know my poor diet and lack of exercise plus my 20+ a day smoking habit and binge drinking don’t help matters but the amount of times I’ve been ill in the seven years I’ve lived here has to be double or even treble the number of times I’ve been crook in my previous 38 years on the planet.

Bangkok, You Make Me Sick

The most common and recurring problems I have are chest infections, heavy head colds and sinus troubles.

I’ve made several attempts to clean up my lifestyle with healthier food, a bit of exercise and cut down on the sherry but to no avail. I’ve tried doing it for a few months, not a few hours, yet still every few weeks I’d be coughing up crap and barking like a dog.

Sometimes it can last a few days, more often its a few weeks regardless of what medicine the quack dishes out. And oh how the Thais love to pop pills – something I’m not keen on doing.

And it’s not just me who seems to go from one bug or virus to another. A few friends seem to be in the same boat with ongoing health issues. If it’s not one thing it’s another. And like myself, most aren’t out on the tiles much and don’t drink excessively either. A few piss-ups 3 or 4 times a month is about average.

On the other hand, my missus rarely catches anything and 99% of the time, what I have is never passed on.

Bangkok You Make Me Sick

I’ve had three full check-ups too and everything comes back normal with each and every doctor telling me the same thing – stress / work related. Take more time off, get better sleep, eat well, cut down on the fags.

For sure the smoking doesn’t help matters, I know that but there’s more to it and I’m laying the blame on Bangkok. The place is just unhealthy.

And on that note I need to stop typing as I’m about to cough up a lung…

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