Bar Owner Gets All Butthurt Over ++ Service Charge Comment

Published on 18th November 2015 by Stickboy BKK

butthurt bar owner

Scanning around Facebook I spotted a promo for Wolf’s Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 11 and thought I might share it on the site as the prices were looking pretty cheap.

Then I spotted **price do not include service charge and tax** and thought meh, skip this and see what else is doing around town as the ++ bullshit does my head in and I’ll tell you why.

In most bars and pubs I struggle to read the menu as I’m blind as a bat even with my binoculars on. I’d likely be able to read Chang is 59 baht but the chances of me spotting the * to say there is ++ are slim.

There I am at the bottom of Soi 11 with a thirst on, I see the cheap beer promo and I’ve got 600 baht in my pocket. That’s 10 Chang’s I can have before I need to stagger down the road with my thirst quenched. Ten 59 baht beers later when I check bin I’m presented with a bill for how much? More than the 600b I’ve got in my tail so we now have a problem or rather, I have a problem. I didn’t bring my ATM card, I’ve no loose change. Hee haw, just my 6 red notes and some angry service staff staring at the skint farrang. Hassle like this is the last thing I need or want.

The other reason it pisses me off is it’s deceptive and misleads customers into thinking they are getting a bargain. A 59 baht Chang in the above example is still cheap as chips with tax and service charge added on and would likely still attract customers but that’s not how some bars and pubs play it, which of course is their choice but to get all butthurt and rude when someone in a public arena questions the ++ policy is just poor form.

Below is how the conversation between a Facebook user and the owner of Wolf’s bar went.

butthurt on facebook[LINK]

I couldn’t show you a better example of a PR disaster if I tried.

If the owner didn’t respond the post would likely of got no further comments as this group doesn’t have a lot of interaction and that would have been the end of it but no, no, no, let’s insult someone for asking a reasonable question.

This readers, is how not to do social media as a business owner.

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