Barfines Gone Bonkers

Published on 1st February 2019 by Stickboy BKK

The cost of a night out in any one of Bangkok’s naughty nightlife areas comprising of a few drinks and a roll in the hay has come up in conversation more and more of late as the number of bars increasing their base barfine rate spreads like a disease meaning punters are having to dig deeper and deeper.

Not so long ago 700 baht was pretty much the norm for barfines in most of the capitals go-go bars except for those playing that coyote card demanding premium prices for something they seemed to think was special.

Of course, there are exceptions like The 5,000 Baht Barfine Has Landed from back in 2015 when things really got silly.

The bar business has changed somewhat in the past two or three years with many now using the services of agencies to boost the number of dancing dollybirds taking to the stage of a night.

From what I see, a lot of bars insist on classing those agency girls as coyotes. I don’t see it that way myself. I see that as a distortion of the truth and what I’d class as a coyote now is not the same as a couple of years back and is just a lame excuse, in my opinion, to charge funny money for barfines.

As soon as the price of a barfine hits four figures me and many others are then left in doubt about the whole deal because it just feels like a ripoff.

Ask for 900 baht and I wouldn’t baht an eyelid but 1,200 baht? That in my book is just taking the piss and those asking 1,500 or above should be wearing a mask as that is just highway robbery.

Much the same as beer bars asking for anything above 500 or 600 baht for one of their aging “hostesses”. Anything higher than that is a joke.

Barfines Gone Bonkers

So what is a quietish night out going cost you?

A warm-up drink in a beer bar is gonna set you back 300 baht for two beers if you leave the coins in the wallet as a tip.

Into a go-go bar for a bit of eye candy and you indulge in the company of a pretty dancer who fancies a tequila will cost let us say 160 baht for the beer and 190 baht for the lady drink times two rounds comes to 700 baht.

Now you decide she is the new love of your life and it’s time to take her for a test drive before popping the question. You negotiate some short time shenanigans for 2,500 baht.

Now for the barfine. 1,200 baht is the fee demanded.

So far we are up to 4,700 baht and there’s still the short time room, condoms and maybe a beer to shell out for.

All in all, you’ll be lucky to have change out of 6,000 baht for four or five beers and a bit of nookie and that was me low balling the prices of drinks, tips plus the fee for your future ex-wife.

Not cheap by any means considering you can skip the pre-nookie drinks, barfine, and all the other bullshit by heading to a Soi 24 massage shop and pay around 2,000-3,000 baht max for a couple of hours fun leaving you 3k in your hip to go for a few ales.


The question is, are bar owners shooting themselves in the foot with their prices?

The answer is, yes they are.

“Business is down”, “We had a quiet night”, “It’s getting worse” are just a few complaints you will here within an hour or two of visiting a handful of beer bars and chrome pole palaces around town.

It is a different world out there compared to just five years ago but many owners and managers seem stuck in a time warp and chose instead to blame the economy, exchange rates, the government, the lack of tourists and dozens of other lame excuses why business isn’t what it once was.

Sure the exchange rate sucks but that didn’t stop 987,456 Brits coming to Thailand in 2018. Now granted, the demographics of those visitors has changed compared to years gone by but they want to see Cowboy and Nana and Patpong so give them something to see. Make those six Brit birds in your bar feel welcome. People having a good time spend money.

Of course, that would take a bit of thinking, being creative and what not but they are too focused on the negatives telling you rents are up, bills need to be paid, girls are more expensive to hire mixed with tourist numbers are down, the smog, visa rules… Zzzz.

Old Stick isn’t buying it and you only have to ask yourself why are bars X, Y and Z packing them in most nights?

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