Bars With Mixed Line-Ups Are A Crazy Concept

I’m not into ladyboy bars as that isn’t my thing but have nothing against those who are – each to their own is my way of looking at life. For the people who run them, good on ya if you’re making money. We all have to eat.

I prefer “100% Real Ladies” as Bangkok Bunnies put it, so I avoid ladyboy bars and stick to those that offer what I like, the real deal.

My gripe are the bars who have a sprinkling of the third sex mixed into their line-ups and have staff lie to your face telling you, “only lady, no ladyboy”.

Yeah right. Even me who is as blind as a bat can see that bulge in the bikini from the back row. You ain’t fooling me with your fairy tales no matter how loudly you say it or insistent you are.

It happened only the other night when two ladyboys were on stage mixed in with 15 or so dancers who were born female. The staff and mamasans were looking me straight in the eye telling me no ladyboy when I pointed them out. Check bin.

Bars With Mixed Line-Ups Bewilder Me

This mixed concept bewilders me and not one single person has explained the thinking behind it. Well, of course they haven’t as there are no ladyboys, just real ladies, right?

And why all the denials? If it’s such a good concept and so many do it why not shout about it from the rooftops and let the world know?

An all-girl line-up would surely get you more publicity and in turn more backsides on seats, no?

It would certainly give me more options of where to visit and spend a few baht plus others out there running nightlife related Facebook pages and marketing departments aimed at promoting go-go bars would also be delighted to see the back of this crazy concept as they like me simply don’t mention those bars trying to trick us.

But that doesn’t seem to count for much of anything, even for those running mixed line-up bars that are struggling night after night.