Caught Working At A Happy Ending Massage Parlour

Published on 24th October 2014 by Stickboy BKK

After a year something happened, the light-bulb went on and the wee bell in his head went ding. Something just wasn’t adding up with her stories and excuses. The only way to find out what she was really up to was to follow her and that is exactly what Mr C did.

Each day over a period of about two weeks he would follow her to see where she was going and what she was really up to at “work”. He had read enough spy books to know that following her the complete journey would likely end up with him being spotted so he broke it down and followed only part of the way each time with a few days of doing nothing inbetween except listening to more of her lies.

bangkok happy ending

Picking up the trail at different locations each time, the journey finally ended at a happy ending massage joint. He didn’t run straight in to confront her as it would have been too easy for her to say she was visiting a friend or some other crap. He waited about an hour then went in to see what she had to say about her “work”.

Lots of tears and shouting as you’d expect. Mr C told her they were done and never to come back to their apartment again. Miss Massage cried it out for an hour or two, was consoled by her workmates and several extra strong Long Island ice teas helped numb the pain. Before you know it she had clocked up three customers before the sun had set and it was business as usual, just minus the boyfriend.

As for Mr C, I’ve no idea what happened to him and Miss Massage is still servicing customers six days a week. I don’t know if she’s found a new sucker yet or not.

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