Cigar Smoke And Spiked Drinks

Published on 27th November 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Two friends weren’t best pleased when I bumped into them earlier this week and were both adamant that they’d never be returning to a couple of bars they were regulars in after getting shit service and attitude over two very different issues.

cigar smoke

No Hair Jim was anything but pleased with a small watering hole down the lane beside Soi 20 when he popped in for a few refreshments with a pal of his and was soon told he couldn’t fire up his cigar after ordering.

Now that would be fair enough if the bar in question had a no smoking or no cigars policy but he had the bosses blessing to smoke til his heart was content the night before when the bar was busyish.

On the night in question he asked, “Why not tonight when it’s never been a problem before?”

Apparently the new rule had come into effect as “the girls don’t like it”. He and his mate were the only two customers at the time.

Yet another case of the inmates running the asylum in the bar business. Something you witness often when out and about around the usual haunts.

Is this the bars loss or gain? I’d say the bars loss in this case as it’s not in a prime location, not that busy, plus Jim has a fat wallet and thirsty friends. The kind of customer who can make or break a small bars night.

If I was the boss I’d have let No Hair Jim carry on for that night and made him aware in the future it wouldn’t be possible to smoke his cigars inside the bar.

At least dealing with the issue using common sense wouldn’t have pissed him off to the point he’ll never go back as he would most likely have popped in now and again for a quickie before heading somewhere he was welcome with his cigars.

spiked drinks

The second story is from another part of town where a fellow Jock likes to hang out on a regular basis and is known about the bars.

He was telling me he challenged one foreign bar manager this week over a drink he’d been served as it didn’t taste anything like what he had ordered, only to be told not to worry the staff sometimes do that.

Seriously? WTF kind of answer is that to give a regular customer or any customer for that matter?

The reason he brought this up was because it had happened twice the week before in a DIFFERENT bar that left him ill the following day.

When he mentioned this to a few of his mates they had encountered the same issue recently in a number of bars.

Odd tasting drinks followed by a day feeling ill.

The Moral Of The Story here is if you order say a vodka and it doesn’t taste like vodka then send it straight back politely asking for a replacement. Don’t go kicking up a stink or raising your voice as that will achieve sweet eff all.

If after that you still aren’t satisfied speak to the manager or owner and let them deal with it. If you still aren’t happy with the outcome I’d check bin never to return. There’s plenty of well run bars out there that don’t pull stunts like this and any rogue staff will soon be kicked into touch if the bosses care about their customers when made aware of what’s going on.

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