COMING SOON: An Exclusive Interview With Paul Hayward, The King Of Clubs

The Gods must have been looking down upon Stickboy this week after I managed to capture an exclusive interview with Paul Hayward – the man behind many of Bangkok’s most popular pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Some readers may not be familiar with the name Paul Hayward but you will recognise the names of the venues his company operate across the capital.

Levels and Sugar nightclubs on soi 11, the Assuie Pub and Coyote Mexican restaurant located on the same soi. Then there’s Insanity nightclub, The Kiwi Pub, Bangkok Beat, Kazbar and on and on the lengthy list of popular entertainment venues goes before I mention perhaps the most famous of them all – Nana Plaza.

Paul Hayward Interview

In my typical “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” approach I mentioned to Paul during a call regarding advertising would he be interested in doing a Q&A with Stickboy Bangkok. After some back and forth I got the answer I was hoping for. Yes, he’d do it.

Unbelievable. I managed to get the FIRST EVER interview with the man behind the biggest entertainment group in Thailand.

So this week armed with my 7-Eleven pad and pencil I set to work drawing up my lengthy list questions covering his rise to the top of the Bangkok nightlife industry.

We talk about the Eclipse group, the purchase of Nana Plaza, and of course, the accusations….

Paul Hayward, The Kings Of Clubs – Coming Soon

Read The Full Exclusive Interview With Paul Hayward Here

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