Comments… Going, Going, Gone

The comments section went live back in June following numerous requests by readers wanting to share their thoughts on the news items, photos, videos etc shared every day here on Stickboy Bangkok.

Over the past six months the comments area has been used mainly to flame, troll and spam with only a small percentage of comments actually going live as editing profanity and racism before approval is too time consuming.

comments removed

Spam isn’t a problem as there are simple ways to combat that issue, however, moderating 100s of comments a week is eating up time better spent doing something more productive.

It has also become apparent readers prefer to make a comment on social media where links to the website have been shared.

So as of today the comment section has been removed and is no more, never to return. The Feedback Page is still live for the time being.

Readers can always get in touch via email –

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