A Day At The Races With The Bad Boy Drift Team

Published on 11th May 2018 by Stickboy BKK

My Friday afternoons are usually spent at home at my desk working but yesterday I was invited to Pathumthani Speedway by the Bad Boy Drift Team for the practice day ahead of this weekends event.

The weather was pretty crap up that neck of the woods with some rain and I didn’t expect to see much action on the track as it was so wet. I was wrong. The cars were out and so was I.

The team boss casually asks, “Fancy a couple of laps Stick?”

“Don’t mind if I do”.

In we get and off we go on to the track with me thinking “Is this wise?”… fuck it, if I’m going out at least it wasn’t off a balcony.

day at the races

I’ve been in some fast cars belonging to friends in my time but nothing like this and never on a track.

The best description of how you feel as you hit that first corner at high speed and the handbrake comes on is like being on a thrill ride at the funfair. Your stomach gets that same feeling when you hit the first downhill plunge on a coaster.

Throw in the slides, the spins, the roaring engine. And all with that feeling of uncertainty as you’re not on a roller coaster track.

The shakycam footage below will give you an idea of the thrills and spills. It starts off with a warm up before hitting the main track.

That was the view from the passenger seat, now the track side view…

If you ever get the chance to try this, jump right in. It’s great fun and an experience to remember.

A big thanks to everyone in the Bad Boy Drift Team for making me welcome and taking me for a spin.

For any drift or race enthusiasts, there’s a weekend of action on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 with over 120 cars taking to the track by teams from around the world.

The easiest way to get to Pathumthani Speedway is by car or taxi. Type it into Google Maps and away you go.

Drift racing Pathumthani Speedway

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