Did He Check In His Brain At Swampy Left Luggage?

Published on 13th February 2020 by Stickboy BKK

The following falling for a bargirl on SOi Cowboy story was posted to Reddit by /u/CaptnPilot to Bangkok News, Events and Highlights… not exactly the proper sub to start with but JFC, you have to ask yourself did he leave his brain at the left luggage counter at Swampy?

So I made a post awhile ago about how I fell for a bar girl and that I’m idiot and pretty much everything you can expect from that story.

I went was pretty drunk and walking around Asoke and I decided to walk down Cowboy “just to see” what was going on. I pass the bar where I would always buy the same girl drinks. The Mama-san was standing outside. I have talked with her many times before and she even gave me small discounts on drinks before. She yelled at me to come over to her and said “XXXX” is inside go get her”. I just shook my hand like no thanks with kind of a sad look. Then she told me to just sit outside with her and drink with her.

She basically starts off with “why are you here? This is not place for you. You’re young and handsome this place for old farang”. I pretty much told her that back where I’m from, I’m basically just another nobody and never really got that much attention. Maybe like one sexual encounter a year. Blah blah a few beers later and she told me that doesn’t matter here. She basically explained to me that all the girls here have dark skin and having dark skin is ugly here, but I like them. Same for me, as a pale white guy from USA. I’m ugly in USA but here girls like me. She said “Here you can be who you would’ve been”. Idk if I was just really drunk or that was very profound but I got goosebumps.

Then after that she made some stupid joke just to get back to like a basic level conversation and we played rock-paper-scissors on who buys who the next drink and then I went home.

Idk if this is a worthy post here but figured I would share a story.

Sure we all do dumb shit but FFS… get a grip pal.

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