If I Die In Thailand, There Will Be No Need For A GoFundMe Page

Published on 24th January 2017 by Stickboy BKK

I just read the story of a British man who took a heart attack and died in Udon Thani last week and almost immediately his daughters had set up a GoFundMe page to transport his body back to the UK.

Nothing new there as it is almost weekly we now read of such appeals but when you check the update it says a family member stepped in to cover the costs but there was no thank you for all your help, we’ll give the current donations to the old mans favourite charity and the page shut down… no, no, the daughters now want people to keep on donating to pay for his funeral once the body arrives back in the UK.

Is there no end to this online begging?

gofuneme ripped

Fear not, if Stickboy dies there will be no gofundme pages necessary as I already have plans in place should I kick the bucket or get belted by a bus while I’m living in Thailand.

While the uncensored pics of my demise are being published on this very site along with all the gory details the missus will be organising for me to be sent to the local temple and turned to ashes before being popped in a jar and sent to the office of my good friend Mr Foley who will stick me on a shelf.

There’s enough folding stuff under the mattress to cover the costs of my funeral and a week of parties to celebrate my departure with plenty of spare change left to tide the good lady over until she does whatever she is gonna do.

There will be no financial burden on my family back home in Jockland and no worrying about raising silly money to fly my body back home… all needless and unnecessary in my opinion.

If they want to scatter my ashes somewhere I don’t care about, let them get on with it but there will be no online begging bowls asking others to pay for my poor planning.

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