Who Done It? A Thai News Mystery

Published on 12th September 2018 by Stickboy BKK

fake news

Many Thai reporters and their editors are lazy and fact-checking wasn’t part of their training, or if it was it’s all been forgotten as this mish-mash doing the rounds over the past 48 hours clearly shows.

What we have is three stories, three farrangs. three sets of photos, two names, two nationalities, all intermingled into what can only be described as a joke.

This is what people are reading, and believing.

First up, a Frenchman who along with his Thai wife borrowed, stole and sold a pickup truck. Here he is, Mr Albert Bachtoula Cherif.

who done itINN News – link

Scanning around for further sources to write the story Mr Albert Bachtoula Cherif appears to have changed not only his look but his wife and crime.

Now bald and sporting glasses, he’s been ripping people off with his (new) missus in some condo rental deposit scam.

who done it77jowo – link

Continuing the tale, the bald Frenchman suddenly changes his name to Mr Nikolay Lavanov, a Russian national, who is no longer a crook but the victim of a robbery in which a maid – not his (new) wife – stole $200 from his room claiming she thought it was a tip,

who done itWeLovePattaya – link

Within one click of my mouse our balding Russian is still out of pocket $200 but has suddenly found a full head of hair and went back in time about 20 years.

Funny thing is, it’s the same maid he is with in both sets of photos.

who done itManager Online – link

Each of the four links have more photos to make this mess even more messy.

My best guess is the baldy bloke is neither Mr Albert Bachtoula Cherif from France or Mr Nikolay Lavanov from Russia. He didn’t steal a pickup and wasn’t robbed of $200.

Just who he is I don’t know but most likely he is the fraudster who ripped off at least a half dozen people in his condo deposit scam who the editors of several news outlets assumed was one of the other two men named.

This is the state of Thai news. It’s a mess. And the two big English language outlets often get caught up in this too as they do as I do and re-write stories sourced from Thai language outlets.

They too don’t always bother to check what they are re-writing is factually correct leading to endless stories their readers take as fact when the truth is they are closer to fiction because someone was just too lazy to do their job properly.

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