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Who Done It? A Thai News Mystery



fake news

Many Thai reporters and their editors are lazy and fact-checking wasn’t part of their training, or if it was it’s all been forgotten as this mish-mash doing the rounds over the past 48 hours clearly shows.

What we have is three stories, three farrangs. three sets of photos, two names, two nationalities, all intermingled into what can only be described as a joke.

This is what people are reading, and believing.

First up, a Frenchman who along with his Thai wife borrowed, stole and sold a pickup truck. Here he is, Mr Albert Bachtoula Cherif.

who done itINN News – link

Scanning around for further sources to write the story Mr Albert Bachtoula Cherif appears to have changed not only his look but his wife and crime.

Now bald and sporting glasses, he’s been ripping people off with his (new) missus in some condo rental deposit scam.

who done it77jowo – link

Continuing the tale, the bald Frenchman suddenly changes his name to Mr Nikolay Lavanov, a Russian national, who is no longer a crook but the victim of a robbery in which a maid – not his (new) wife – stole $200 from his room claiming she thought it was a tip,

who done itWeLovePattaya – link

Within one click of my mouse our balding Russian is still out of pocket $200 but has suddenly found a full head of hair and went back in time about 20 years.

Funny thing is, it’s the same maid he is with in both sets of photos.

who done itManager Online – link

Each of the four links have more photos to make this mess even more messy.

My best guess is the baldy bloke is neither Mr Albert Bachtoula Cherif from France or Mr Nikolay Lavanov from Russia. He didn’t steal a pickup and wasn’t robbed of $200.

Just who he is I don’t know but most likely he is the fraudster who ripped off at least a half dozen people in his condo deposit scam who the editors of several news outlets assumed was one of the other two men named.

This is the state of Thai news. It’s a mess. And the two big English language outlets often get caught up in this too as they do as I do and re-write stories sourced from Thai language outlets.

They too don’t always bother to check what they are re-writing is factually correct leading to endless stories their readers take as fact when the truth is they are closer to fiction because someone was just too lazy to do their job properly.

Stickboy aka Sticky Boy aka Mike McKay aka Mike McKwai, Wild Mike, Magic Mike, Mr Mike, and a fair few more best forgotten, is a party animal with hollow legs who loves music, current affairs, beer, food, causing trouble on Twitter, and making the most of life without worrying too much about what people think or say about his antics. You can send him stuff here -

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Easy Does It This Weekend



Puffed Out

This weekend is a 4-day holiday in Thailand and normally I’d work through it and take some time off afterwards but with things so quiet on all fronts I decided to join the masses and take a couple of days off.

Updates will resume once I have slept myself silly and recharged my batteries.

I don’t plan on doing much of anything or going anywhere so I will still add a few updates on social media to pass the time as they don’t require much brainpower or thinking.

Whatever you are doing, be it the beach or boozing, maybe both, enjoy yourself and have fun.

See you on the other side.

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Good Times At Geisha



Geisha Nana Plaza

Geisha on the top floor of Nana Plaza opened back at the beginning of December 2018 and went through a rollercoaster ride under its owner dubbed the Crazy Korean.

I don’t want to drag up the past as he has now left the building and no longer in charge which has seen the bar go from alright for a quick drink to lets order another round and another.

With a Thai guy now at the helm, it is a totally different bar and me saying this comes off the back of more than one visit.

Just before the shutdown me and my bro were on a Nana bar crawl and we popped in for a drink. The new boss, staff and dancers made us right at home so much so we stayed until lights out when the plan was to hit each bar for 1 drink, ring the bell and move on.

I’d have been back sooner had it not been for the coronavirus shutdown but my wait was over when i dropped by with my missus the other night.

Decent music, cold beer, plenty of attentive staff and stage packed with birds with a second shift floating around waiting for their time.

The new man was in fine form and suggested we go watch the show in the tub with a ringside seat.

Oh man, that wee blonde thing kissing my missus will be with me until she gets round to bedding her and hopefully lets me watch.

A fun bunch they are in Geisha and unlike some other bars, nobody really giving a toss what you are up to as long as you aren’t getting out of hand and making problems and I like that because in some bars staff and security have a really bad habit of staring at people who are doing nothing wrong, just having some fun.

And one last thing to come out of my recent trip was they are up for doing a photoshoot sometime soon which would be good as I haven’t done one since last October.

So there you have another bar to add to your list the next time you are in Nana Plaza. Just don’t tell them Stickboy sent you.

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A Night Out At Tartbox



A Night Out At Tartbox

During the dry spell when there was no beer to be had Artbox at Sukhumvit Soi 10 turned into a popular spot as refreshments were available.

It wasn’t only refreshments that were available but there was also the potential to meet ladies for some short time shenanigans as there was simply nowhere else for working girls, or those short on money and an itch to scratch, to meet men with some cash to splash on a bit of horizontal mambo.

Artbox didn’t really take my fancy when a few mates had said they were going but on Saturday night they decided to drop by for a beer and a bite to eat before moving on to the Neon Alley. I caved in and decided to join them.

Having taken a wander around buying food and parking my arse close to the stage I soon came to the conclusion the sign out front needed changing from Artbox to Tartbox.

I didn’t see the security guard at the gate on cleavage duty but there must have been one as everywhere I turned all I could see was tits hanging out on display for all to see and admire.

One lady with massive melons came close to a wardrobe malfunction on several occasions as she bounced around from stall to stall with all the bloke’s eyes popping out as she passed their tables. This woman wasn’t shy and was more than happy to show off her assets.

I spotted a few familiar faces in the crowd who normally ply their trade on Soi 4 too, and yes, they were all showing off the girls like it was a competition to see who could show the most.

One thing to keep in mind if you do decide to go for a nosy and chance your arm is not everyone you see there is looking to hook up. It really is a mixed crowd so watch out you don’t get a slap for making an indecent proposal to a group of girls there to have a drink after they’ve clocked off from the office.

Will Artbox continue to be a pick-up place for ladies of the night in the future?

Who knows with bars and other nightlife venues starting to reopen there are more choices of where to go man hunting.

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