Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Published on 21st June 2016 by Stickboy BKK

A common theme when sharing a story of a foreigner who has died in Thailand is you often receive an email from a family member or friend soon after publishing.

Most ask or say similar things relating to the death or the article and it’s content, with many threatening legal action simply because they don’t like what they have read, not because it is wrong.

The most popular request I receive is to ask can I remove an article, which in 2 years of running the site has never happened. The writer will often say it’s distressing for relatives and in many instances I’m sure it is.

Who wants to read about a loved one who has died in circumstances some may describe as embarrassing?

Stories about deaths involving drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, ladyboys or a possible combination, are not uncommon on Stickboy as are the emails sent from thousands of miles away by people who have never stepped foot in Thailand saying the story is wrong and needs to be removed asap without knowing the background or details in full themselves.

The hard cold truth is people just don’t want to admit someone they knew took illegal drugs, popped some Viagra and took a heart attack mid romp with a man with tits or went mental on meth and thought they could fly from 44 floors up.

The fact is, I didn’t hold anyone’s hand as they strolled into Lusty Ladboys A-Go-Go and I didn’t twist their arm up their back to go to a short time hotel with one of the manly dancers who turned them on, nor did I suggest they pop a couple of blue pills so they had a cock as hard as a cricket bat.

All I did was share the news of their passing and how it came about. The source of that information could be a Thai news website, an email from a stringer, a rescue foundations Facebook page, or several other ways I gather stories to share.

dont shoot the messenger

Stickboy Bangkok is not a “news” website nor am I a reporter as all regular readers know. I share what catches my eye and what I think may be of interest to readers. I pick and choose what to run news wise on the site to keep things mixed as I only do 1 or 2 items in that category each day.

That often means the stories that stand out because of the circumstances surrounding the death. Who wants to read two updates a day about older Europeans passing away from a heart attack? Nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not news worthy in my book unless it is a super slow news day, and even then, I usually skip it and run nothing.

The next most common email states the story is wrong and the circumstances in which the deceased passed differ from what’s been published.

The same story may have appeared in The Nation, Thairath, Pattaya One, Daily News and a hundred other news sites but my best guess is they didn’t email the editor of any of those publications crying foul. In this situation they most likely didn’t like the style in which I’ve told the story.

If I told it like all the others I wouldn’t be in business.

Of course, names get lost in translation as do details depending on which publication you read as I spoke about previously here but I don’t just fill in the blanks with figments of my imagination.

What’s written has been reported elsewhere, shared by an eyewitness or a family member I’ve reached out to for further information.

When asked to clarify or confirm details it’s been claimed I have reported wrongly, not once has anyone been able to provide proof to back up their claims hence me never removing any articles.

shoot the messenger

And then there’s the all too common legal threats if I don’t do what eventually becomes a demand for an article to be removed.

I’m not stupid and know the laws of the land regarding what I can and cannot say. Some people might not like how I say it but the last time I checked, that isn’t illegal.

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