Email Of The Week: No Spoilers, Just Read It

Published on 8th April 2018 by Stickboy BKK

This story sent in by TTB from Hua Hin wins the Email Of The Week award for giving me a good old chuckle.

So today I had to go into Global (Thai B&Q) for an electrical four gang socket. On the way to the checkout I notice that they have a TV department. I recently had a small gecko lie across a printed circuit on my bedroom TV and kill both itself and the telly, so I could do with a new one.

I get chatting to the boy who works there in sign language and eventually he gets the idea that I need a smallish wall-mountable type of thing. We look at a few and I like a 28″ Samsung job. It’s also on special with the equivalent of £40 off normal price. We’re talking around £180 quid here.

He shows me how the screen brightness adjusts itself according to the ambient light, points out the USB and two HDMI sockets round the back. Explains that my CCTV system can also plug into the Component sockets as well.

It’s also a Smart TV, does the internet, and he shows me all the good stuff already installed including the Netflix and YouTube channels. The icing on the cake is that it is also WiFi capable.

We spend about twenty minutes trying everything while the wife is sitting outside in the car.

I am suitably impressed, so I said to the bloke, “Great, I’ll have one”.

In a nano-second he replies, “We haven’t got any”.

Email Of The Week

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