Email Of The Week: Were They Taking The Piss?

This is another tale by TTB from Hua Hin who yet again wins the Email Of The Week award for giving me a good chuckle.

So, I just went into the local KFC and asked for three pieces of chicken. The girl behind the counter looked at me suggesting she doesn’t understand.

However there is another Thai lady in the queue who says, “Three pieces of chicken”, in perfect English. The girl nods then asks the lady something in Thai.

The lady says to me, “Spicy or Original”. I tell her Original and she says to the KFC girl, “Original” in English.

The KFC girl again speaks to the Thai lady in Thai. The Thai lady says to me, “Eat in or takeaway”. I replied, “Takeaway’. She then tells the KFC girl, “Takeaway” again in perfect English.

I get my chicken and pay for it. I said, “Kop kun kapp” to the girl, and she said “Thank you” in English.

Were they taking the piss?

Were They Taking The Piss