Facebook Is F**ked Up

Social media is a great way of sourcing what’s going on around town, with almost every pub, club and restaurant having a Facebook page. Some do Twitter but not many as Facebook is seen as the be all and end all for getting information out there.

Unfortunately, the way FB filter users news feeds means most updates are only seen by a small % of people who have “Liked” a page and is only shared with more followers when the engagement of an update hits whatever threshold Facebook use in their algorithm.

I have followed 100s of businesses under the Stickboy Bangkok page and I check its “page feed” several times a day, either sharing updates or using the info here on the website.

They still weren’t showing me all the updates made by those I follow using this method but enough to be getting on with.


The problem I have now is the geeks at Facebook HQ have been tinkering and whatever they have changed in the past couple of weeks means I’m seeing very little new content. In fact, only a handful of updates are being shown each day despite my high interaction rate with the pages I follow.

The time it would take to look at all these pages individually would mean that’s all I’d get done in a day, so if you run a bar, club or restaurant and would like something shared either on Facebook or here on the website, you’d be better dropping me an email with either your FB update url (right click the date / time then click copy link location and paste into an email) so I can share it or fire me all the info and images so I can stick a post up here on the site.

Don’t depend solely on Facebook for your marketing when you can have it shared here on Stickboy too. It’s free and it will take all of 60 seconds to send me.

I’m always happy to share social media updates but its random and just what I happen to see. To guarantee your update being shared I offer a Social Media Promotional Package – details are on the advertising page here for anyone interested.

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