Fallout Over Killer Cop Hits Nightlife Biz

Published on 13th December 2018 by Stickboy BKK

It didn’t take long for the top brass to start swinging the axe on the nightlife business following the killing of a French expat by a drunk off-duty cop on Wednesday morning.

Entertainment venues within Lumpini police district, where the killer cop worked and murdered his victim, were all ordered shut at 2am last night leaving many an unhappy business owner.

The timing of this “crackdown” couldn’t be any worse either.

High season is finally here with Christmas and New Year just around the corner meaning it would be time to start making some money following a dreadful low season that left many hurting.

The last thing the nightlife and entertainment sector needs right now is cops on a closing time crusade.

Fallout Over Killer Cop Hits Nightlife Biz

Many pub and club owners are expecting doors to be knocked, paperwork scrutinized and the net to get wider, spreading to other areas outside Lumpini.

Genuine concerns even though none of this has happened yet understandable given the history of how things have panned out in the past when not only local but international media attention is on Bangkok’s infamous nightlife industry.

Of course, none of this would be happening or a concern was it not for Thailand’s antiquated licensing laws that badly need to be rewritten, something that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon due to the huge sums of money earned from turning a blind eye in return for “tea money”.

As always in these situations, everything is fluid and what I publish now could be out of date and wrong within ten minutes. Right now, nobody knows for sure what tonight, tomorrow or next week will bring – it’s a matter of wait and see.

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