My Favourite Go-Go Bar Is…

Published on 6th August 2018 by Stickboy BKK

This has to be one of the top three questions readers ask me and it’s far more difficult to answer than you may think.

“Favourite bar for what?” is my normal response.

For example, I don’t go to Lighthouse to look at the dancing dollybirds, I go there to meet my mates and shoot the breeze over a drink or six.

I don’t care for naked or topless dancing which is what many blokes out there have top of their list of what makes a good go-go bar. I’d rather sit and watch a stage full of cute coyotes.

So already the majority aren’t going to appreciate my selection because there are no topless dancers and there are certainly no cute coyotes.

My Favourite Go-Go Bar Is

Some will say that my choice would be bias to an advertiser which is just silly. Anyone can email me for a party plug, invite me to a photoshoot or whatever else. Spending money on ads makes no difference. In fact, one of the websites biggest advertisers is a bar I rarely drink in despite being good friends with the owners. As for my favourite go-go bar… they don’t spend a penny on advertising.

Do they give me freebies? The barman, who I believe is the owners nephew, on occasion gives me and my mates a beer but he has no clue what Stickboy is other than the name on my lighter.

So why the free beers? He is a decent guy and I’m a good customer. I spend money and I don’t cause any trouble. A little rowdy now and again but that isn’t out of place in Sexy Night.

Yup, Nana Plaza’s last old school bar Sexy Night is my favourite go-go bar in Bangkok.

sexy night nana plaza

Great staff, great service, great fun, great music – just don’t let Budget Bobby near the request slips.

Where the wheels will fall off the wagon for many in my choice is the talent pool.

The dancers range in age from 22-42. Some of the women on the small stage behind the bar have been working the pole for a decade too long but they add to the charm of the place. It really is like stepping back in time.

So they don’t have the hottest dancers on the books but what they do have is a great wee bar. Cold beers every time. Top tunes of the classic rock variety are only a request away. There’s no funny business with bills, girls hassling you or any of the other 10 Things I HATE About Go-Go Bars.

I go to Sexy Night to drink, smoke, relax and enjoy the music.

Sometimes I sit all on my own if I’m just looking for some time out or on other nights with mates for a catch up or as is often the case, sat with the dancers and staff having our own impromptu party,

To be honest, Sexy Night isn’t the place where you go to pull a hottie, it’s somewhere to go and have a good time. I’d still drink there even without the women.

And just like everyone else, now you know where to find me at midnight on X night of the week…

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